ACQUA Second Opinion Programme

Looking for second opinion from a German premium clinic? KOPFZENTRUM Medical Data Sciences & Smart Services (MDSSS®) is open now!

KOPFZENTRUM is using software-based assistance in medical diagnosis & treatment. Today medical knowledge redoubles every 6 months - clinical guidelines are revised every 7 years! However, digital expert systems like Dr. Watson of IBM are analyzing more than 400 thousand pages in a single second. With MDSSS® KOPFZENTRUM physicians, therapists and surgeons have access to the remarkable power of semiautomatic scientific databases and cloud-based analysis of more than 100.000 treatment protocols of KOPFZENTRUM patients per year. The advantages in comparison of doctors-only are proven in more than 300 patients (until Oct 17).

Contact and send us the diagnosis only. We will supply you with a personalized parameter list and present the results by our clinical experts. Cots of EUR 95 will helps the furher improvement of the system.

Patient Arzt Familie

For those who trust us. And share our belief in second opinions.

An operation requires trust. In the ability of the doctors and the surgical team. And that you will be recommended the best possible therapy from the multitude of options. And because no one is all-knowing and infallible, we introduced the ACQUA Second Opinion Programme. This means the patient receives all reports with our recommendation. Another independent physician can then review the therapy recommendation and adjust it if necessary. Of course this offer also applies to any patients who have received a recommendation for surgery elsewhere.