Guest accommodation & care

At ACQUA Klinik, we take special pleasure in caring for our guests and patients. And every day, we set ourselves the challenge of becoming even better at this. Because with all the emphasis on safety and the quality of treatment, it is clearly most important that our guests should remember having felt comfortable.


ACQUA guest rooms

ACQUA Kabine

ACQUA booths

Our ACQUA booths are designed for short visits. They offer the guest security and privacy. Like all other rooms, they are equipped with our ACQUA Overview System and also boast all of the comforts of the ACQUA Entertainment System. Compact yet comfortable.

ACQUA Superior

ACQUA superior

These rooms have their own bathroom and WC, in some cases a balcony overlooking the park, the ACQUA Overview System and all of the comforts of the ACQUA Entertainment System.

ACQUA Patientensuite

ACQUA suite

Our suite is divided into a living and sleeping area and can also accommodate a second person. It has its own bathroom and WC, the ACQUA Overview System and all of the comforts of the ACQUA Entertainment System.

Aufwachbereich nach Narkose

ACQUA Awake Ambiance System

Wake up gently from your anaesthesia. No unnecessary machinery beeping or loud noises. No harsh light or cold colours. This is ensured thanks to the Awake Ambiance System in the ACQUA Klinik’s recovery area. In a pleasant and calm atmosphere, patients wake up to changing light colours and quiet birdsong. Medical safety is of course ensured. All vital signs are sent online to the duty anaesthetist, and trained medical staff are always close by.

ACQUA services

ACQUA Concierge Service

ACQUA concierge service

Our concierges are on hand to accompany each patient from reception to his or her room. The concierge will help with carrying your luggage, keeping your family notified and organizing your collection.

ACQUA Entertainment System Tablet

ACQUA Entertainment System

In order to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible, we have put together an extensive digital entertainment package. During your stay, you will be given access to your own personal tablet system. You can watch more than 15 television channels or select a good movie via a range of streaming services. Our younger guests can enjoy a range of games for children of all ages.

All of these services are offered to guests of the ACQUA Klinik free of charge.

ACQUA Overview System

ACQUA Overview System

All of the rooms and connecting areas at ACQUA Klinik are equipped with video cameras. These detect sudden jolting movements, for example those typical of a fall, and raise the alarm immediately with the staff currently on duty. In addition, these cameras are monitored by the operation assistants.

This video surveillance is for your protection only and is carried out exclusively by ACQUA Klinik’s authorized staff. Bathrooms and WCs are not equipped with cameras. If you object to such video monitoring, please inform us in advance.

ACQUA Bistro Lounge

ACQUA bistro

A small selection of drinks and snacks is available around the clock for ACQUA Klinik guests in the waiting areas and patient rooms. We also have a special range for children.

ACQUA bistro menu
ACQUA Patienten Lounge

ACQUA lounge

As we cannot always eliminate waiting times, our guests are welcome to use a separate lounge with all the necessary comforts.

ACQUA Shuttle Service

ACQUA shuttle

Our car is available to transport guests at any time. In exchange for a small fee, our driver will pick you up and drop you off on time, comfortably and safely. Please book this service at reception or from one of our concierges.