An operation is a nerve-wracking experience. Clinics can be confusing and difficult to understand. We never want anyone to feel this way. This section explains the entire process, from surgical indications right the way through to follow-up checks.


Arzt - Patientengespräch

Surgical indication

An ENT specialist will supply the diagnosis, or what we call the ‘surgical indication’. This doctor should be independent from the surgeon, so that the decision is based on at least two assessments. As part of the ACQUA Second Opinion Programme, we would be happy to help you arrange a second expert opinion. This surgical indication also includes information about the aim and the intended outcome of the surgery, the course of the procedure, and a description of the probability of success and the risks. If, with the help of your doctor, you as the patient are able to truly appreciate the effort, the benefit and the risks associated with your surgery, then you should be able to follow their indication without any concerns. A medical specialist certified by ACQUA Klinik will check your indication. Your surgery ticket will be issued after this confirmation. You will be given all the documentation you need for your procedure, including a consent form.


Examination by the anaesthetist (optional)

In some cases, an examination by the anaesthetist is necessary prior to surgery. You can make an appointment with a member of staff or by telephone.


Begruessung Patient

Reception (approximately 60 min before surgery)

At the reception, a member of staff will check your surgery ticket and all the documents necessary for your procedure. It is particularly important that all lab results are complete and that you have followed any instructions not to eat or drink anything for a certain period prior to your appointment. A concierge will then take you to your room and familiarise you with certain features, e.g. the ACQUA Entertainment System. You can then take some time to change into a comfortable surgical gown, which is provided.


Meeting in your room (approximately 30 min before surgery)

The first surgeon and anaesthetist visit you in your room to welcome you. They will check your surgery ticket again. This is where any remaining questions are answered. There is plenty to distract you before the operation itself, e.g. our integrated ACQUA Entertainment System with internet access, and various TV, video and music channels. Children can also pass the time with a range of games. This is when children are given a premedication, which has a slightly calming effect.


Operation in der ACQUA Klinik


Our surgical staff will accompany you into the operating theatre. ACQUA Klinik uses one of the most advanced surgical systems in the world, KARL STORZ OR1 and ORx-340. Most patients (hopefully) feel completely at ease when walking into the operating theatre. The surgical team will be waiting for you there. This consists of the First Anaesthetist (ANE), the Technical Officer for Anaesthesia (TOA), the First Surgeon (SRG) and the Technical Officer for Surgery (TOS). In most cases, 1-2 more members of staff will be involved in preparing the procedure. A general anaesthetic is then used to help you fall asleep gently. You will simply sleep through the actual operation.


Post Anaesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

Modern anaesthetics allow the patient to regain consciousness gently. Even so, you still need to be monitored for the first 20 minutes after anaesthesia. The first thing you see after your operation will be our recovery room. Here a special atmosphere of light and sound ensures that you will wake up comfortably. Following release by the anaesthetists, the patient is transferred to their own room.


Back in your room

About one hour after your operation, you will be able to consume liquids and light meals again. Our staff are always at your disposal, e.g. to administer pain medication. Depending on the length and type of operation, you will be discharged by the anaesthetist and the surgeon approximately 1 to 6 hours after surgery.


Release and follow-up treatment

When you check out, our staff will supply you with all your surgical protocols, assist you with making appointments for your follow-up treatment, and provide contact information for the next few days. Of particular importance is our 24-hour emergency hotline in case of unexpected complications.

Rezeption und Check out

We wish you
all the best.