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The name ACQUA is derived from Italian and means ‘water’. We associate the properties of the element of water with our sophisticated approach to surgery and our role as hosts: invigorating, gentle, natural, elegant.

Again and again

We will check again and again whether everything has been done to ensure your well-being. We won’t be satisfied until we know you are.


At any time of the day or night, the clinic and operating team, including anaesthetists, can be ready within no more than 20 minutes if necessary. Emergency phone number: +49 (0) 341.33 73 31 26 or +49 (0) 151.46 73 37 33


We are happy to offer a selection of drinks and small snacks during your stay at ACQUA Klinik. Information about these can be found in the ACQUA bistro menu.

Please note that you will need to refrain from eating or drinking for a certain period before and after your surgery. If you are unsure at any time, our ACQUA team can advise you on when you should not consume anything.

Briefing Room

At ACQUA Klink, patients are not merely informed of the surgical and anaesthesiological aspects of their planned operation by discussing them face-to-face with a doctor. In our Briefing Room, you will be shown short animated videos and presentations about your operation. Here you also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your procedure and to request detailed information about each stage. This is also where the surgical team meet to plan the following day’s procedures together and finalize important settings and variables.


ACQUA Klinik maintains intensive medical exchange with all physicians who treat our patients before and after their clinical procedure. Close collaboration, our many years of specialist experience and cutting-edge medical capabilities create trust and ensure consistently high quality.


A concierge is on hand to accompany every patient to his or her room. They can help carry your luggage, contact your family upon request and also organize your collection.

Data cable

Since we at ACQUA Klinik cooperate personally and technically with all referring physicians, GPs transfer the relevant data to us via data cable. This reduces the need for repeating examinations and bothersome formalities when checking in.


ACQUA Klinik has its own practice for ENT medicine, phoniatrics, paediatric audiology and allergology. It comprises all diagnostic and therapeutic services in the specialist areas such as hearing tests, allergy diagnostics and nasal flow measurements.

Duration of stay

How long our guests and patients are required to stay depends first and foremost on the type of procedure. Due to our use of minimally invasive methods and anaesthesia procedures, patients can usually leave the recovery room (PACU) after 1 hour and continue their recovery in their own room. Provided the necessary parameters allow it, check-out can occur another 2-6 hours later and the patient can even spend the night at home. If there is even the slightest doubt about discharging a patient, the person will remain in the care of ACQUA Klinik. To this end, the clinic is available day and night all year round. At ACQUA Klinik, our philosophy is not that as many patients as possible should be satisfied with outpatient surgery, and nor are we concerned with the so-called minimum length of stay. Instead, the time a patient spends with us is based on their actual individual requirements.

Emergency / Emergency call

The emergency call button is located on the receiver of the patient terminals. It is particularly large and marked red. The duty anaesthetist nurse will be notified immediately as soon as you press this button. One of the clinic staff will come to your room within three minutes. And of course you do not have to use this function in an emergency only, but can also push the button in other situations, for example if you are unable to reach other contacts (ACQUA bistro, reception). If you would like to speak to us after your stay, simply call us on +49 (0) 341.33 73 31 26.

Entertainment System

All guests at ACQUA Klinik are given free internet access and can use streaming services, and thus also most television channels and video portals. Little ones can pass the time with a range games.


Everyone is welcome at our clinic, whether young or old, and regardless of whether they are covered by statutory or private health insurance.

Family-run business

The ACQUA Klinik is a private enterprise and receives no state subsidies or other funding.


The ACQUA Klinik building was constructed by the family of Karl Baedeker, the renowned German guidebook publisher. The family lived in the villa from 1872-1948. Up until 1998, the building was forced to serve first as headquarters for the FDJ district administration and later as a youth hostel. Following extensive restoration, the building now houses a unique trio unlike anything else in the world, which comprises a clinic, a development centre and a business.


A hotel, not a hospital – that is our motto. For us, a clinic is more than a building for sick people – we see ourselves as good hosts in a special situation. And your well-being plays the most important role.

International Reference and Development Centre

The IRDC is an international reference and development centre for surgical systems. Its task is to merge all products and prototypes from the field of surgical automation from KARL STORZ and our partners within one functional system. It serves to present, evaluate, train and further develop the individual components to form a larger whole.

KARL STORZ in Leipzig

KARL STORZ is a long-standing family business based in the Swabian town of Tuttlingen, and has roots in Leipzig. Karl Storz lived here from 1928 until 1945. Today, the company KARL STORZ is the global market leader in the field of medical endoscopy and integrated surgical systems, and employs more than 4000 people around the world. Dr. h. c. mult. Sybill Storz runs the company, which has offices in 30 countries worldwide. The IRDC is the world’s only development centre for specialist surgical system solutions from KARL STORZ. ACQUA Klinik is one of the group’s most important clinical partners.

KARL STORZ OR1 operating theatre

Nowadays, surgical procedures increasingly depend on the surgical system used. Assistance systems such as instrument navigation and collision warning systems require a special working environment. At ACQUA Klinik, we operate exclusively with two of the most advanced operating theatres available: the KARL STORZ OR1. Since we are also an international test and development centre for KARL STORZ, in the ORx-340 we also have a range of unique and forward-looking assistance systems. The console used by our surgeons is reminiscent of a cockpit.


The ACQUA lounge is open to all guests on our “Medical Privilege” bonus programme. In addition to the comforts of the ACQUA Klinik, here you can enjoy not just a unique interior design, free drinks and snacks, but the lounge also provides information about the history of the building and an exclusive collection of guidebooks, including from the Baedeker publishing house. Please speak to a member of staff at reception if you are interested in the “Medical Privilege” bonus programme.


Our youngest patients are particularly important to us. We know the concerns and worries of patients and their parents, and do our best to make sure all these concerns prove unfounded. To this end, we have toys, books and children’s films in every room and even in the operating theatre.

On-the-job training

All staff at ACQUA Klinik are required to participate in regular on-the-job training. Each treatment is performed by medical specialists who have specialized in different areas and work together to the highest, internationally comparable standard on a daily basis.

Outpatient clinic

Even major surgical procedures are increasingly being carried out on an outpatient basis. No patient wants to spend any more time at a clinic than absolutely necessary. This promotes shorter recovery periods and boosts individual well-being. In most cases, our patients are able to leave the clinic on the day of their surgery. Thanks to our ACQUA 24/20 programme, you are in safe hands around the clock, 7 days a week.

Private clinic

A private clinic is privately owned and funded. If that clinic is not included in the so-called


We use a special system to ensure the highest quality. The KARL STORZ Complication Awareness Program provides us with up-to-date information, analyses and statistics detailing the quality of our surgical operations and potential irregular occurrences. We offer each patient follow-up appointments for at least three months. This quality is also ensured during treatment at partner clinics thanks to the standards of the “Endoscopy Alliance supported by KARL STORZ”, which was founded by us. All results are published.


Every surgical procedure is documented in full in the Surgical Black Box, and video data assist in evaluating an operation. An automatic report is generated at the end of the operation. This is given to the patient when they leave – and also, if they wish, to their referring physicians. This record uses text and images to explain the operation step by step. The report also contains all essential information for post-treatment and replaces the usual doctor’s letter.


Click here to gain an impression of what your stay will entail.


You are welcome to use our ACQUA shuttle at any time. A saloon car and chauffeur are available in exchange for a small fee. Please book this service at reception or from one of our concierges.

Spending the night

All patients are of course given the opportunity to spend the night in one of our tastefully furnished patient rooms. Medical supervision is provided around the clock.

Surgical cockpit

The surgical cockpit consists of five monitors which relay the signals from the HD endoscope camera, information from the navigation system and so-called system data to the surgeon and co-surgeon.

Variety of services offered by ACQUA Klinik

All specialist surgical procedures can be performed at ACQUA Klinik. The prerequisite for this is that the surgeons undergo extensive initial and ongoing training so that they are certified for OR1, which is currently the most advanced surgical system in the world. At present, ACQUA Klinik specializes in the following areas: ENT surgery, phonosurgery, cranial base surgery, orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery, sinus surgery and middle ear surgery.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is for your protection only. All of the rooms and connecting areas at ACQUA Klinik are equipped with video cameras. These detect sudden jolting movements (e.g. falls) and notify staff of these immediately. In addition, these cameras are monitored by the operation assistants.

You speak english?

We can also offer to consult in english.