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Why ACQUA Klinik?

HNO Chirurg ACQUA Klinik


All surgical results are recorded and published. Complication rates are well below the average figures published by other providers. Our Performance Report includes comprehensible and objective success parameters for each procedure – in a form not available anywhere else in Germany. As a provider whose services are not tied to the official regional hospital ‘bed plan’ (DRG), ACQUA Klinik can guarantee an independent second opinion on a patient’s surgical indication. The surgeons at ACQUA Klinik are non-managing, meaning they operate without the influence of incentives and bonuses. Due to the higher efficiency of the surgical systems we use, the costs of operations for health insurance providers are up to 40% lower than those charged by other clinics.

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ACQUA Klinik performs more than 3000 procedures each year, making it a market leader in ENT surgery both regionally and beyond. Thanks to our specialization and the limited number of surgeons we employ, the individual experience of those professionals is exceptionally high. In selected cases, if our employees feel we do not have sufficient experience, they will be honest with you about this and refer you to other specialist clinics.

Komfortables Patientenzimmer


ACQUA Klinik is a pioneer when it comes to comfort. Private rooms, a concierge service, multimedia entertainment and online patient rounds are just some examples of our innovative approach. We enjoy providing a service.

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Using our simulator, the surgical team train the full functionality of the surgical system as well as exceptional situations four times each year. This is well above the average. ACQUA Klinik has received multiple awards, including the 2012 Patient Safety Award of the DGBMT (German Society for Biomedical Engineering of the VDE) & the Innovationspreis-IT 2015 (Initiative Mittelstand). As of 2015, ACQUA Klinik also holds ISO 9001:2008 certification from TÜV Süd.

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ACQUA Klinik has cutting-edge technical equipment unlike anything of its kind worldwide. ACQUA Klinik uses the 3rd-generation Surgical Deck and is helping to develop it further with its own research department. Here ACQUA Klinik is working together with the leading providers of German medical technology KARL STORZ, Dräger and Trumpf.