At ACQUA Klinik, safety is our paramount quality objective. To this end, ACQUA Klinik uses one of the most advanced treatment systems in the world (ORx-340). Continuous training, manuals and checklists ensure a consistently high standard of the operations we perform. Comprehensive results analyses generate transparency and ongoing improvements. Our Safety Policy from 2013 commits all our employees to this overarching goal.

Zertifikate ACQUA Klinik


The efficiency of our treatments needs to measure up to the world’s best results. Our Quality Board is responsible for this, implementing current guidelines and developing them further. Our Performance Report is always available, letting you keep track of both our success rates and any difficulties we encounter.

Patienten Lounge


ACQUA Klinik stands for exceptional comfort. Our aim is to offer our patients a sophisticated and comfortable environment that allows them to recover quickly from the unavoidable stress of their surgery. This is why ACQUA Klinik offers exclusively single rooms, for example, as well as a modern entertainment system. For young and old.

ACQUA Performance Management

Quality reports

The safety of our patients is our highest priority. Every operation is assessed in a “Surgical Quality Report” immediately after the procedure as well as three weeks and three months later. Any deviations from the planned process are documented based on certain criteria and published.

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ACQUA OP Saal Technik

Technology & Operating theatre

We work according to international standards to ensure the safety of our guests and patients. With the “ORx-340” surgical deck, ACQUA Klinik uses a 3rd-generation surgical system and is actively involved in developing it further. A whole fleet of modules are available to assist during every stage of the treatment process from start to finish.

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ACQUA OP Vorbereitung

Surgical team

There are few situations in life where you need to rely on other people as much as during a surgical operation. Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. At any time of the day or night, anywhere and for any patient. A team of competent ENT surgeons and anaesthetists make sure things run smoothly in the operating theatre as well as when preparing for and following up the procedure.

All surgical team members

We enlist the services of ‘Methodenberatung - Dr. Judith Jahn’ to conduct independent evaluations.