ACQUA Klinik Leipzig offers you specialist surgical operations on the nose, ears, neck and face. From minor procedures to complex operations lasting several hours, we cover the entire field of ENT medicine. In order to ensure consistently high quality, ACQUA Klinik invests in the standardization of procedures and specializations of its surgeons. ACQUA Klinik runs one of the most advanced surgical systems in the world, and collaborates with market leaders in medical technology to develop that system even further. All of the clinic’s employees are subject to an unrivalled and demanding training system. Operation results are recorded and analysed without exception, and quality reports published.

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With the help of modern technology, the possibilities offered by minimally invasive procedures on the larynx include the early detection of disorders and tumours. Rarer operations, such as the opening of diverticula or laryngeal dilation, are also performed.
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Procedures on structures which are just millimetres in size and involve our precious sense of hearing are one of the clinic’s specialities. Conducting more than 1000 operations each year, and having also introduced hearing implant systems in 2013, ACQUA is one of Europe’s leading service providers in this field.
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ACQUA Klinik has an entire section dedicated to meeting the rapidly growing demand for the implementation of minimally invasive techniques in aesthetic medicine. Completing more than 500 aesthetic facial procedures each year, ACQUA Medical Aesthetic is the market leader in Central Germany.
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Today, operations performed on the nose and nasal sinuses are characterized by the use of navigation systems and advanced technology. ACQUA Klinik conducts more than 2000 surgical procedures in this field every year.
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