Become a KOPFZENTRUM® team member. International renomee, excellence knowledge & skills for an professional lifetime.

More than 250.000 patients are treated year by year in KOPFZENTRUM, one of the leading german ENT-clinic by > 30 ENT physicians & surgeons, 17 OPD with more than 800 hours per week and 4.0000 ENT-surgeries per year. Our aim is to be first choice in medicine around the head for patients, co-workers and partner.

1. KOPFZENTRUM Academy is an Europe-wide unique centre for training and education of professional ENT-team members:
• Monthly on-site-trainings for medical ENT-procedures in 12 sections, e.g. allergy, cochlea- and hearing implants. Certificates valid until 12 months and preconditions for OPD.
• ENT-surgery certification for > 60 procedures. Procedure rating are valid for 24 months and precondition for surgical operation in ACQUA Clinic.
• The Surgical Simulator is equipped with HD-endoscopy, navigation, procedure point navigation, etc. Here you can simulate different anatomies, pathologies or rare variations in near-to-nature conditions.
• eAcademy is the online tool for skill tests and the administrative work.
• International Training Meetings with more than 1.000 participants from all over the world since 2009 are in the focus of aour training 4 times per year in minimum.
• ENT-physicians w/o german “Approbation” are welcome for 1M/3M/6M/12M fellowship with an structured training misson (prices*)

2. We care about our specialist and we commit to professional competition. We strongly support your ENT career and helping you by keep yor ENT-life-balance intact:
• The basic salary of our ENT physicians including bonuses is fair and related to medical performance.
• You can choose between 10 to 40 hours of work per week.
• We strictly watch for limited mission in OPD & OR with 6 hours max.
• You can move up from Trainee, Junior ENT-Specialist, ENT-Specialist up to Senior ENT-Specialist with fully certification in OPD & OR.
• We are professionals with clear definitions of responsibilities. These allows our physicians a mainly self-responsible work in an excellent environment.

3. We want to stay in contact with you! KOPFZENTRUM fellow program is designed for lifetime relationship:
• Exclusive member of KOPFZENTRUM Academy for lifetime
• Medical & Surgical Trainings, International Training Meetings with 30% discount

Application & Assessment

We are proud about your interest and we intend to create a part of your educational training or your professional life successfully. Please understand that we evaluate each candidate together with our team under the leadership of the medical board (Prof. Prof. Dr. Gero Strauss) over 2 days in an Medical Operation Assessment. We try to give you as much information as possible about our philosophy and expectations. We will evaluate your personal medical knowledge, your manual skills and your interpersonal competences as well. At the end of the second day we will inform you about our decision.


Your personal contact
Mrs. Heike Hachmeister
Medical Operation Assessment

Münzgasse 2
04107 Leipzig


*Prices for ENT fellowship
1 month EUR 1.900
3 months EUR 4.900
6 months EUR 9.500
12 months EUR 12.000